By now, rope skipping is even a part of the physical education at school. Members of our show group created the following material and are pleased to provide you free access.

Station Cards

For his teacher's practical exam, team member Michael Gedeon developed single rope station cards for the categories arm and leg variations, releases, turns and power tricks. He shares this work with pleasure with you, providing you free access. You can download them here:

Station  Cards

Handout for teachers

For our teacher's trainings, we developed a handout including the most important facts about rope skipping. In it, we’re introducing and explaining everything you have to know as a rope skipping newbie: disciplines, rope types, ideas for warming up, training and tests, etc.


Basic Single Rope Trick Videos

Additionally to the station cards, you here find basic single rope tricks on video and slow motion (created by Michael Gedeon).

Youtube Playlist Basic Single Rope Tricks

Trick Videos

We collect our new trick achievements in our trick videos. Advanced jumpers may find innovative trick ideas and suggestions for new tricks, combinations and variations in these videos.

Trick Videos

TTT - Tricky Tuesday Tricks

Team member Michael Gedeon also started the tricky tuesday challenge resulting in 64 innovative single rope tricks with corresponding tutorials which he created from 2015 to 2017. Check out his tricky tuesday youtube playlist!

Also recommended (external source):

The Tricktionary

The Tricktionary which is a website/app created by US jumper Dylan Plummer is also a very helpful source for an overview of the different single rope tricks sorted by difficulties. Especially if you already have some experience, you will find some cool new stuff to try or to combine.

Link to the Tricktionary